Thursday, November 4, 2010

Letter from Ernest Bertrand Re: Amending Blasphemous Libel

"Ernest Bertrand, K.C. --Montreal--Crim. Code--To Amend sec. 198 RE: Blasphemous Publications", RG-13, Series A-2, Vol. 328, File 1929-669" (Library and Archives Canada)

This file contains a letter written on April 9, 1929 by a lawyer named Ernest Bertrand to the Federal Minister of Justice, M. Ernest Lapoint. The letter states that Bertrand has been contacted by the curé of a parish named St. Hilaire about three brochures that have been circulating in the community that are, in Bertrand's views, blasphemous. Bertrand states that he would like to bring charges against the persons responsible for circulating and selling the brochures, but that on his reading of Criminal Code s. 198, only the publisher is liable. Bertrand thus requests that amendments be made to section 198 to extend its scope.

The file includes a draft response from the Ministry indicating that "it is clearly too late this year to present any new legislation" but that Bertrand's views would be submitted to staff for consideration.

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