Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Scooped: Two New Articles on Fortune-Telling and Religious Freedom

Two new articles on fortune-telling and religious freedom have appeared on SSRN (thanks to Religion Clause Blog for the pointer.  First, Nicole Jones has written Did Fortune Tellers See this Coming? Spiritual Counseling, Professional Speech, and the First Amendment.  Second, Mark Movsesian has written Defining Religion in American Law: Psychic Sophie and the Rise of the Nones.

These comes as I'm in the middle of writing my own article on fortune-telling, witchcraft, and religious freedom, so in some ways I've been scooped.  But I plan to continue forward, as I've been collecting materials on the topic for several years and I'm sure my article will take a different approach than these two (in part, because I'll be incorporating Canadian and Australian materials).  I've decided to finish my first draft and then read the new articles and discuss them in a new section.

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