Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tattoo of Buddha Gets British Tourist Deported from Sri Lanka

Catching up on some older stories today.  In April, Religion Clause Blog had a post about a British tourist who was deported from Sri Lanka because she had a tattoo of Buddha on her arm and was "hurting the religious feelings" of those who saw it, including two taxi drivers.

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  1. Hello,I am certain the tourist intended no lack of regard to the Buddha, and is maybe a devotee or admirer of the ''Enlightened One'' at some level - that is the main clarification for the Buddha tattoo on her arm.However, the circumstances could have been effectively maintained a strategic distance from had she done her homework to comprehend the mores and standards of Sri Lankan culture before going there. A basic result would have been to blanket the tattoo at movement and traditions work areas, Buddhist holy places, inner part towns etc.Similar circumstances that demolish one's vacation might be evaded by basically perusing up on far off spots and the common culture there and by sticking to their social standards while going by parts of the world.
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    ~Sant Kirpal Singh